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OMGFancyText.com is an online tool that transforms simple text into stylish and decorative formats. This tool is user-friendly, doesn’t require additional software, and operates directly in your regular internet browser. You can create numerous fancy text styles and copy and paste them wherever needed.

We have two power tool options available to customize your fancy text: FancyText Pro (Make text on your own with a special icon and text) and FancyText Random (All the best fonts and icons).

FancyText Pro

  1. To start with FancyText Pro, input your plain text in the provided box. Next, explore a wide range of unique characters and icons on the left, center, and right.
  2. Choose the desired icon, click the Create button.
  3. Then select the best option for your needs by clicking the Copy button to copy the text wherever you like.

FancyText Random

  1. With the FancyText Random tool, you can effortlessly generate various text variations by applying different fonts, icons, and effects to your input.
  2. Choose the one that suits you best, copy it, and start using it.

OMGFancyText Generator Updates

  • OMGFancyText 06.0523: This version was released for the first time with a brand-new feature that allows users to create their own custom fancy text styles with the help of its new icon library.
  • OMGFancyText 08.0723: This version has a much-improved generator interface, making it easier for you to customize and generate fancy texts. In addition, it adds even more special characters to choose from, as well as new icons and symbols.
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About USOMGFancyText.com is an online tool that transforms simple text into stylish and decorative formats...
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